Great Way Relies on Customs City’s AMS Air and Type 86 Customs Compliance System to Improve their customs compliance process for their high-volume US eCommerce Shipments While Saving 50% In Time Spent on Labour-Intensive and Manual Tasks


Client: Great Way Trading & Transportation, Inc.
Challenge:To speed up the process of uploading and submitting high volume eCommerce Section 321 shipments with an end-to-end solution that provides real-time visibility and 24/7 access via the web

ACE Air enables the transmission of pre-arrival cargo and conveyance data to CBP

ABI Type 86 enables the transmission of electronic release and gives real-time visibility of cargo release

Benefits:Information can be submitted electronically with immediate confirmation for shipments entering the United States. The solution is designed for high volume processing, and to reduce waiting time and transmission costs.


Great Way Trading & Transportation Inc. provides third-party and fourth-party logistics services such as international freight forwarding, customs brokerage, trading escrow, marketing research, and related services.

Endorsed and supported by both U.S. and Chinese business institutions, Great Way is a premier resource and commerce channel promoting trade and transportation between Asia and North America, especially between the United States and China, the largest developed economy and the largest developing economy in the world.

Great Way is steadily expanding and has offices and partners in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, New York, Vancouver, Hong Kong, Taipei, Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Shenzhen, and Dalian.


Prior to working with Customs City, Great Way tried using 2 different software vendors. However, the submission of AMS Air and Type 86 information was a time-consuming, laborious, and manual process. “One system was outdated and slow, whereas another one was complicated and hard to understand,” said Darren, a licensed customs broker at a Great Way. It took the Great Way team about 1.5-2 hours to submit the data for 10 shipments as they had to manually enter the data.

Great Way needed a reliable, end-to-end solution that is quick to process, cost-effective, and intuitive to use.


To help achieve the aim of processing high volume shipments, Customs City provided a hosted web-based solution, comprising both AMS Air and Type 86), which enables a Great Way to easily validate the data including the HTS codes as well as to upload & submit more than 30K shipments at once using one file. Great Way team can also access the information 24/7 via the web, enabling them to closely monitor every aspect of the customs process.

Before Customs City, Great Way had to manually check the data and validate the HTS Codes which caused significant delays and required the team to manually replace the invalid HTS codes.  Customs City’s ability to instantly flag errors across rows of data, flag invalid HTS codes and ability to mass replace them with the valid HTS codes is a massive time saver for a Great Way.

“Being able to quickly see data errors and fix them on the spot means we can be more confident when we are sending our data to customs,” said Darren. “Having this capability significantly improves efficiency and the customs compliance process for our team.”


Since using Customs City’s AMS Air and Type 86 solution, Great Way has been enjoying the following benefits:

  • Cost-effectiveness: eCommerce plan is specifically designed for high volume shipments, which allows Great Way to grow its business in the eCommerce space further.
  • Increased Efficiency and Accuracy: AMS Air and Type 86 data can be uploaded & submitted easily using one excel or CSV file. All data can be validated and replaced quickly using Customs City’s data validation tools.
  • Web-based, 24/7 access: Great Way can access the system and their records at any location and at any time of the day, as long as there is an Internet terminal. This means Great Way is able to operate 24/7 globally and cater to its partners in overseas locations. In addition, Customs City provides 24/7 customer and IT support
  • Short & smooth onboarding process: The implementation was completed within days due to Customs City’s web-based technology and only required some training and testing; where Great Way received full support from Customs City’s team of experts.
  • No additional infrastructure or setup costs: The system is hosted and maintained by Customs City. This resulted in savings on network costs as Great Way did not have to deploy specific servers or invest in integration and infrastructure.
  • No limit on the upload & submission: The system is specifically designed for high volume processing with no limitations, which allows Great Way to grow its eCommerce business in the future.

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