Truck Slot Booking System

Reduce Dwell Time for Trucks Picking up Freight from the Airline

The Truck Slot Booking Solution is available to the following entities

The Optimal Solution to Manage & Reduce Truck Wait Times & Improve the Overall Service Quality at the Airport

The Truck Slot Booking System is the common-sense approach to reduce wait times and congestion at the airport.  

Showing up without an appointment for your truck is like showing up at your medical practitioner’s office without an appointment.  The wait times will most probably be longer.  It’s the same experience for the trucking company and that’s simply not something anyone or trucking company wants to experience.

What are the Benefits of the Truck Slot Booking System?

Why Customs City?

We believe that by adopting modern technologies and combining with the knowledge of Customs & Trade we can deliver the optimal solutions for our customers. Customs City will make your eCommerce customs compliance process seamless and cost effective.

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