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Recent Changes in e-Commerce Customs Compliance Process

The rise of e-commerce shipments is also shifting the focus how Customs handles the processing of large volumes of small boxes.

● Mandatory security requirement
● Cargo may also be released on the manifest
● Air and Truck

● Electronic release within 30min
● PGA shipments
● Air, Ocean, and Truck
● More efficient and less complicated release than a formal entry
● Release at CFS and Save MPF (merchandise Processing Fee) and

● “Known Shipper” Program
● Like the Global Entry program for passengers
● Requires sending more info (such as listed price, link to the product info, seller name& address) about the shipment to facilitate the release
● Air, Ocean, and Truck

● The grouping of shipments of smaller size and weight at the origin and sent on a direct flight to the destination country
● Implemented in the US for large volume e-commerce shipments
● Packages are labeled with domestic shipping labels at origin and last-mile carrier will deliver once cargo reaches the destination country

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