Pickering, Ontario: Customs City Global Solutions Inc. today announced a new eCommerce all-in-one platform that connects customs brokers directly to CBP (Customs & Border Protection) for sending air manifest (ACE Air eManifest) and importer declaration (Section 321, Type 86) data to ABI (Automated Broker Interface).  This manifest & declaration data satisfies freight forwarder, warehouse & customs broker obligations under the Trade Act & also generates an electronic release for every shipment before the arrival in the US.  Customs City is also reportedly working on a similar platform for the clearing of US ocean eCommerce shipments.

The Customs City eCommerce platform acts as the dashboard for Customs Compliance activities within an organization.  The dashboard is configurable to customize the information that is important for each organization and offers a new way for Customs Brokers & other participants to track each shipment at the HAWB (House Air waybill level) and easily view the CBP release or hold status.

“We witnessed massive changes in consumer behavior in 2020 due to the pandemic. These changes have accelerated the adoption of eCommerce and businesses are looking to implement direct to consumer channels.  The Customs City eCommerce platform allows a Customs Broker to submit manifest and clearance documents to CBP within seconds,” says Mr. May, President at Customs City Global Solutions Inc. “Section 321 clearance using Entry Type 86 allows the consumer to save paying the duty & tax as long as the value for each individual shipment is under $800”

Features and benefits of the ACE Air eManifest /Section 321 (Type 86) platform include:

  • Upload thousands of HAWB (House Air waybill’s) and Type 86 data together in a single file
  • All HTS (Harmonized Tariff System) codes are validated. The system has a “find & replace” feature for quickly searching & replacing HTS codes
  • Any HTS codes that are flagged for FDA (FD1) can be mass disclaimed at the click of a button
  • Receive all transfer authorizations (1F), 1C- Release Entry Numbers (or hold messages) back electronically for each HAWB
  • Email alerts for each milestone event are sent to users in real-time

Customs City new eCommerce platform is available now, at monthly plans starting from Free (for less than 40 shipments) to as low as 4 cents per shipment. For more information on Customs City monthly plans, visit https://staging12.staging18.customscity.com/cbp-entry-type-86/

About Customs City Global Solutions Inc.: Customs City Global Solutions was established out of a combined experience of more than 30 years of helping companies comply with Customs Compliance. We believe that by adopting modern technologies and combining with the knowledge of Customs & Trade we can deliver the optimal solutions for our customers.

Our team’s passion for Customs Compliance powers our Global Customs Platform. Crossing the border can be seamless and efficient giving our customers added productivity, cost-savings, and the highest level of Customs Compliance.

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