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Imagine Customs City as Part of your Customs Compliance Team

Organizations transmitting large transaction volumes to CBP or CBSA via a Service Center or VAN (Value-Added Network) may reach a point where it makes financial sense to have ownership of the process including staff who will build and support the system. Bringing this function in-house is not a small project as you will need to have internal resources with the following skillsets:

Network engineers

Business Systems Analysts

Computer software engineers (front-end & back-end)

Customs Compliance Consultants

Project Manager

IBM MQ Client vs. MQ Server

Connecting to CBP will require the installation of either MQ Client or MQ Server. The differences between the two options are as follows:

Customs City can be a part of your project where you can leverage our more than 30 years of collective experience in connecting with CBP & CBSA and building multiple products including:

Network configuration
between MQ Server and the Cisco VPN device
Cisco Router Virtual Appliance and MQ Production Queue Manager
Set up
an always-on VPN tunnel between the MQ Server and the CBP Data Center by working with the CBP Middleware Team
connectivity with the Cisco VPN Device and configure the Windows Server that will be running the MQ Server application
the Certification Queue Manager and corresponding application certification queues
MQ Certification Queues

CBP & CBSA Automated System Consulting

It doesn’t matter the mode of transport, Customs City has the experience to accelerate your project. Projects would normally include the following services: