ACE eManifest for Trucking Companies

Automated Commercial Environment or ACE is a USA Customs & Border Protection (CBP) digital system developed to promote legitimate trade while boosting border security. ACE supplies a single access window for the entire trade industry to connect with CBP and Partner Government Agencies (PGA) through what is referred to as the ACE Secure Data Portal. The “single window” idea helps to eliminate redundancy, facilitate faster processing of imports and exports, and reduce operational costs. ACE eManifest is also known as ACE Highway.

ACE Benefits

The main goal of creating ACE is to fast-track legitimate trade and improve CBP’s ability to protect the US border. As a single window, ACE automates and simplifies data processing, it reduces paper work and allows greater compliance with U.S. regulations.

Benefits of adopting this innovative system include:

Quick Data Availability –

The platform enables a faster exchange of information between the global trading community and the U.S. government. This leads to an efficient inspection of high-risk cargo and enhanced security at our borders.

Improved Visibility –

CBP sends notifications to registered carriers and importers through the ACE electronic system. With this, the importers can receive notifications of their application status by email. Such information can also be shared, by importers, with truck drivers and other concerned parties to inform them whether or not to cross the border.

Reduced Paper Forms –

Through the ACE system, data submitted by trade participants to the CBP is now standardized. This electronic mechanism has replaced the hitherto high volume of paper works required by the concerned government agencies.

As a result, fewer hands and resources are now needed to file information compared to when ordinary paper forms were being used. In addition, ACE allows clients to use image files in submitting supporting documents to the appropriate government agencies.

Easier Compliance –

Agents, shippers, and truck drivers do not need to transact again with different government agencies at different locations to get permits or cargo clearances. The ACE system also makes it simple for the trading community to understand and comply with the changing industry regulations. For instance, as an agent, all you need do is to submit the required information electronically and then wait for approval.

Improved Accuracy –

By using ACE in filing your documentation, you will reduce the possibility of error and the need for further data validation. Accurate and complete forms reduce processing time and quicken cargo release.

Reduced Processing Costs

Whether using digital or manual systems, sending information across to CBP costs money. Often, these transactional costs are invariably passed on to the final consumers. However, ACE simplifies this process of information exchange by featuring single-window submission and automation, thus reducing processing costs.

Basic Information Relating to ACE for Truck Carriers

As shown above, the adoption of ACE has a lot of benefits for the trading community. As a trucker or an agent company, here are some things you need to know about the ACE system.

– Truck eManifest:

The import manifest for incoming truck cargo must be filed using ACE. Truck carriers can file the manifests through the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or the ACE Secure Data Portal.

The manifest allows the concerned government agencies to quickly determine whether the incoming truck cargo poses a risk to our society or not.

Benefits of using ACE to file your truck eManifest are:

* Submission of eManifests to CBP ahead of the cargo’s arrival at the border.

* Recording and tracking account details of drivers, trucks, consignees, equipment, and shippers for efficient processing of data.

* Reducing the processing time and delay by 33% at the Ports of Entry.

* Designating a special list of authorized partners permitted to use carrier custodial bonds called In-Bond Authorizations.

Endeavour to use tested and reliable ACE Truck eManifest products for a seamless process.

– Cargo Release:

By working with officials from trade associations, CBP simplified the process of cargo release. This collaboration led to a reduced data set to be filled when submitting the application. Benefits of the cargo release component of ACE include:

* Streamlined submission of data elements.

* No need to file CBP form 3461 again.

* It fosters efficient collection of processing fees.

– Post Release:

Through ACE, filers can also submit their post summary corrections, such as drawback, liquidation, reconciliation, and statements. Benefits include:

* Decreased administrative and courier costs through the elimination of paper forms.

* The Periodic Monthly Statements allow participants to pay their dues and duties on a monthly basis rather than collecting on every transaction.

– Protests:

Protests submission must also be made through the ACE Secure Data Portal only.

Creating Protests –

Protest filers can attach supporting documents and submit protests electronically through the ACE portal.

Receiving Updates –

Filers can also check the status of their protests through the same portal or wait for regular updates via email.

– Partner Government Agencies (PGAs):

We have the CBP and over 47 other federal agencies on the ACE Single Window. The network allows PGA Interoperability, PGA Message Set, and Document Image System (DIS).

– ACE Client Representatives:

ACE Client Representatives are the primary Point of Contact (PoC) for brokers, agents, exporters, and transportation providers interested in automating their customs CBP processes. There are 49 of them in 21 locations across the nation and these officials assist the trade community to resolve system-related problems.

Getting Started With ACE

As a trucker, adopting ACE and other technology solutions will enable CBP officials to promptly process your requests. Also, PGAs will be able to treat your data that falls under their respective jurisdictions quickly.

Two primary methods of using ACE are:

  • 1# Filing through EDI Interfaces-

EDI is the platform by which most transactions (such as entries, summaries, and eManifests) are filed on ACE.

  • 2# Using the Portal-

The ACE Portal is a web-based portal that allows participants to file their truck eManifests, protests, and it is also used for importer security filings.

* Importer number.

* Point of contact for the new account with the person’s full name, date of birth, and email address.

Further, the TAO must complete the signed ACE Application Form as proof of designation and submit to the CBP.

Once the form has been submitted, the TAO will receive an immediate confirmation by email.

You will receive further instructions along with your temporary password in two separate emails within two weeks.

Note: Verify if your company already operates an account on ACE before applying.

ACE Portal Registration

The Portal is a digital entry point for ACE users. The platform permits account holders to evaluate compliance, monitor daily operations, and perform trend analysis.

To set up your account, fill the ACE Application Form as downloaded on the CBP website.

Information required to fill the form include:

* Name, the title of the company officer.

* Organizational structure.

* End month and day of the company’s fiscal year.

* Legal name, date of birth, and also the email address of the Trade Account Owner (TAO).

How ACE works

As an account holder:

1# File your data directly to ACE.

2# ACE will process and store the data.

To do this, the system will interact with other PGA systems to streamline interagency processing.

3# ACE will then proceed to respond to your requests as required.

Don’t forget, for hitch-free border crossings, use effective truck eManifest products compatible with the ACE system.

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