Given that we live in a fast-paced digital age, the role of customs management software in driving profitability cannot be overstated.

Business software has become critical for any organization looking to enhance profitability. This is particularly critical in customs management, where not getting it right could result in high operational costs, losses, and delays.

With the right customs software solutions, you can optimize workflows, manage finances and inventory better, and reduce operational costs and delays. By using a customs software solution, you will gain a competitive advantage that will result in greater profitability.

For instance, if you are an importer, you could use Customs City software solutions to clear customs and optimize your supply chains. Doing this will reduce costs, enhance operational efficiency, and increase revenues. 

Top Strategies for Cost Savings and Revenue Growth

You can employ several strategies to enhance revenue growth and cost savings regarding eCommerce customs management software. Some of these include.

  1. All-In-One eCommerce Clearance Service – Using this, you can work with the best possible CFS warehouses and customs brokers to reduce delays that may result in losses and fines.
  2. Easy File Uploads – You can upload AMS Ocean, Type 86, and ISF data with just one file and validate submissions to prevent erroneous submissions that could result in fines and delays at ports of entry.
  3. Easy Integrations – By using software solutions, you get easy integration with client systems and optimizations, which means less time is used to validate HTS codes, which saves time and human resources, resulting in less cost and increased revenues.
  4. Get 24/7 Real-Time Access – Using customs management software from Customs City, clients get 24/7 access to data via a dashboard accessible from anywhere. This makes it possible to monitor every aspect of the customs process, thus making it easy to spot bottlenecks and any delays that can be arrested before they become problematic.
  5. Better Compliance – By using Customs City software solutions for customs processes, you will have better efficiency and streamline compliance processes, which could result in faster clearance as customs officials become more confident about your compliance record.

Benefits of Customized Software Solutions

While looking for a customized software solution for your business, you might doubt whether it is worth the money and time invested. 

As such, regardless of whether you want to elevate or extend the reach of operations, knowing all about the benefits of customs software will help you make an informed decision.

Some of the benefits of Customized Software solutions include:

Cost Effectiveness

While manual means might seem more cost-effective initially, they usually come with recurring expenses that make them more expensive in the long run.

Moreover, our software is easy to customize to enhance functionality without too high costs, as it is designed to handle high volume shipment, unlike off-the-shelf solutions, which get outdated over time and may require expensive licenses to renew or scale up your operations.

Customs City software offers high-cost flexibility, as you do not have to pay high licensing fees. You can implement our software based on your situation and scale up or down iteratively depending on your budget or needs.

For instance, you could start with the lowest monthly price plan to validate your idea and then scale up whenever needed.

Moreover, the entire system is maintained and hosted by Customs City, and you will not have to incur additional expenses in terms of extra infrastructure, setup, and network costs.

Reliability and High Security

Regarding security and reliability, there is nothing better than robust and secure software solutions. 

Customs City software utilizes cutting-edge technologies and is made to meet the highest security standards specific to your industry and business. 

In a world where it is increasingly important to adhere to regulatory compliance and security standards due to the threat of hacking, you will need a solution with the highest security levels.

In developing customs software, we usually comprehensively analyze your requirements and then incorporate industry best practices while considering challenges that may arise and potential hidden risks. 

Through rigorous testing, our software is less sensitive to hacking and intrusions and is typically more reliable than manual solutions.

Continuous Maintenance and Support

Another critical benefit of customs software solutions is that you will get continuous maintenance and support from our development team. 

Whenever you encounter any issues, Customs City will make necessary tweaks and updates to the software and provide technical support. This will help to minimize risks associated with unreliable and outdated software and maximize the value of your investment. 

Scalability and Flexibility

Given the pace of the modern business world, you must adapt to the ever-changing environment to remain competitive. 

While you could use manual methods, they usually lack the scalability or flexibility to accommodate your changing needs. 

At Customs City, we provide bespoke solutions to support almost every business need regarding customs. We usually conduct a thorough discovery and prototyping analysis, considering different scenarios, even as business needs evolve. 

Our custom solutions provide the necessary scalability and flexibility to make it possible for our team to customize it for future requests. Our software can meet your needs by increasing capacity or adding new features. 

Seamless Integration and 24/7 Access

Software tools are critical in the smooth operation of most modern businesses. The efficiency of software largely depends on how effective it is in communicating with other aspects of your operations to produce desired outcomes. 

The best thing about customs software solutions is that they have a high level of integration with your business. Our software is designed to match the processes and systems that your company employs, thus making everything more accessible.

The system provides real-time, 24/7 visibility into business operations through the Internet, thus enabling accurate data analysis and management from anywhere.

Through this, our custom tools will streamline and make it possible to automate workflows, streamline business operations, and make informed decision-making easier.

Increased Productivity

Since custom software solutions are designed to consider your business and tech requirements in addition to your goals, they will, over time, help your team become more productive and efficient. 

In most instances, you will experience a rise in productivity as employees who had to take care of manual submissions spend less time on operations, even as they get more insights from data provided by customs software. 

Increased Efficiency and Accuracy

Submitting customs data manually can result in many errors, which may require whole rows of data to be manually validated, usually causing significant delays and losses. 

Using Customs City software solutions, you can instantly flag errors such as invalid HTS codes and mass replace them. 

This means you can be more confident when submitting data to customs, thus significantly improving customs compliance and efficiency of submissions.

Success Stories from Traders and 3PLs

Over the years, Customs City Global Solutions has helped many companies and organizations seeking to maximize profitability by using custom software solutions. 

Some companies we have worked with include Evolve Supply Chain Solutions LLC, Great Way Trading & Transportation Inc., and Sung Moo Kim CHB.

Evolve Supply Chain Success Story

Evolve Supply Chain Solutions is a global fulfillment solution provider that gets products from manufacturers across borders and to customers across the globe.

Integrating with plugin systems such as Amazon, WooCommerce, and Shopify and expanding in China and the United States, it faced the challenge of complicated, manual, and time-consuming customs clearance processes. 

They needed an all-in-one, cost-effective solution that provides full visibility and is faster to process. 

To help solve their problem, Customs City provided an all-in-one eCommerce Clearance Clearance Service that allows them to work with the best possible CFS warehouses and customs brokers.

Using the US eCommerce Clearance Service, Evolve grew their direct-to-consumer US business faster, became more profitable, and achieved greater customs compliance.

Using the Customs City eCommerce process, their direct-to-consumer processes made saving at least 30% on warehousing, customs clearance, time and costs possible.

Great Way Trading & Transportation Inc. Success Story

Great Way Trading & Transportation Inc. is a company that offers third-party and fourth-party logistics services such as marketing research, international freight forwarding, trading escrow, customs brokerage, and related services. 

Supported by Chinese and American businesses, it is a premier commerce and resource channel that promotes transportation and trade, particularly between China and the United States. 

Expanding across the major cities in China and the US, such as San Francisco, Shenzhen, New York, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Los Angeles, they faced challenges in submitting Type 86 and AMS Air information.

Their systems were sometimes slow and outdated, manual and laborious, whereas some were hard and complicated to understand, taking too much time to make customs submissions.

They needed a reliable end-to-end solution that was intuitive, cost-effective, and quick to process. 

Customs City provided Great Way Trading with a hosted web solution comprising Type 86 and AMS Air. This made it possible to process and validate more than 5 thousand shipments at once.

Customs City Software also allowed Great Way to closely monitor every aspect of the customs process 24/7 and, combined with the ability to flag errors and fix them on the spot, significantly increased efficiency and confidence in submissions and reduced costs.

Using Customs City Type 86 and AMS Air Customs Compliance solutions, Great Way improved the customs compliance process for their high-volume conveyance, prearrival data conveyance, and electronic release transmission. 

This has allowed the company to save 50% of time on manual and labor-intensive tasks.

Sung Moo Kim CHB Case Study

Sung Moo Kim CHB is a company that provides customs brokerage and CFS services, mainly specializing in eCommerce Section 321 shipments intended for American consumers.

The company facilitates trade between China and the United States, expanding its business to consumers and direct-to-consumers.

The company’s biggest challenge was high costs and manual processes in checking and validating HTS processes, which can be very inefficient.

Sung Moo Kim CHB needed a cost-effective, reliable, robust, easy-to-use solution that efficiently processes high-volume shipments.

To solve the company’s problems, Customs City provided an all-in-one solution comprising both ACE Air and Type 86 so that Sung Moo Kim CHB can easily submit and upload up to 10 thousand shipments simultaneously.

Customs City software solutions also provide the company with 24/7 visibility using the visual dashboard, making it possible to monitor every aspect of the process so that inefficiencies and errors can be flagged efficiently.

The fact that the company can upload huge volumes of shipment data in one file significantly lowered costs and efficiency and streamlined the customs compliance process for Sung Moo Kim CHB.

Using Customs City ACE Air and Type 86 Customs Compliance System, the company streamlined its customs compliance processes for its high-volume section 321 eCommerce shipments to the United States. 

For the study period, Sung Moo Kim CHB saved more than 40% in manual tasks and costs.

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