If you are in the trucking sector and part of the cross-border trade between the United States and Canada, then you are not new to the eManifest requirement. If you are looking to get into this sector, eManifests are an advanced electronic submission of conveyance and cargo information to Customs officials – the U.S. Customs & Protection (CBP) and Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA)- before a shipment arrives at the border.

Trucking companies looking to get their shipments across the border are required to submit their ACE/ACI eManifest in advance of arriving at the border. This advance submission allows for expedited Customs clearance process of shipments at the border. Despite its numerous advantages, filling eManifests can be quite a complicated process, especially for trucking companies that don’t understand its kinks. These complications sometimes lead to delays at the border and in the worst cases, turn arounds.  All of this can be avoided as there are companies that have specialization in making this process as smooth as possible for trucking companies.

Outsourcing eManifest Filling

So, can a trucking company outsource eManifest filling to a service provider? Yes, they can. First, you need to understand that two types of eManifests (ACE & ACI) need to be filed to facilitate the smooth passage of your shipment through Customs. The ACE eManifest is one that is filled to the CBP by all trucks seeking to enter the United States. On the other hand, the ACI eManifest is one filled to the CBSA by all trucks looking to enter Canada.

As a trucking company, deciding on whether or not to outsource your eManifest filling to a service provider is a business decision. Custom regulations regard eManifests as “non-customs” business, and this means that you don’t need a customs broker to handle this for you. You can get any party, preferably companies that specialize in such fillings, to do it for you.

Why Would you Need an eManifest Filling Service Provider?

As this is a business decision, it would need to make business sense for you to seek out a service provider to handle your eManifest filling. Here are instances where outsourcing these services makes business sense for your trucking company.

• If you are a trucking company that handles a small number of shipments monthly, hiring additional staff or training your current staff to file your eManifest may not be the best option. The cost of paying the additional staff or paying for the training of your employees may be too much. Here, outsourcing eManifest filling to a service provider is the way to go as it is less costly and less resource-intensive.

• As a seasonal shipper, your staff may find it hard to maintain the knowledge of their eManifest filling skills during low season. The CBP and CBSA are always changing the rules for the clearing process, and it’s easy for your staff not to be in line with the latest trends after months of not regularly filing eManifest. This may end up causing hiccups for your shipments at the border, and this isn’t good for business. To ensure that the process always remains smooth, outsourcing is advisable.

• You may not be operating a 24/7 dispatch as a company, and in case a driver is picking a shipment after-hours, they might run into trouble at the border. You need a reliable service provider to handle eManifest filing for your drivers who pick up freight after-hours.

• During National Holidays and the Festive Season, you may not have all your staff at work. Despite this, some of you drivers may still be transporting shipments. Without your staff available to handle the eManifest filling, outsourcing can be an excellent option to ensure the continuity of smooth operations.

Customs City Global Solutions Inc. 24/7 eManifest Filing Service

• No setup or cancellation fees

Most of the other ACE eManifest and ACI eManifest filling service providers require you to pay a setup fee before you can utilize their services. If you choose us, you don’t have to pay any setup fees before enlisting our services. Our primary purpose is to help your business prosper by facilitating the eManifest filling process. Apart from not requiring any setup fees, you also won’t have to pay any cancellation fees.

• Security for your information

In this digital era, data mining has become a big problem not only for individuals but also for businesses. As an ACI eManifest and ACE eManifest filling service provider, one of our priorities is safeguarding the data of our clients. When you choose us, you can be sure that any unnecessary persons or businesses will not access your business information.

• Top-notch customer service

We have built our company’s prosperity based on providing top-notch services to our clients. When you call us seeking our services, you are going to speak to a real customer service agent and not a voicemail. We do appreciate the advancement of technology, but as a service provider, we do value providing our clients with real business experience. The customer service agents that you speak to will immediately answer any questions that you have and provide guidance where needed.

• No waiting, no hassle

If you have been doing your trucking company’s eManifest filing, you must already know that having to wait after applying for an ACE/ACI portal account can be really frustrating. If you do not already have a portal account, it would be advisable to avoid the waiting and the hassle. With us as your service provider, you don’t have to worry about this as there will be no waiting and no hassle when applying for your portal account.

• Fast setup

Choosing us as your service provider means that you can enjoy fast setup if you already have active carrier codes (SCAC code). This quick setup will facilitate your shipments with CBP and CBSA at the border due to timely fillings.

Our services will take your trucking company to the next level of its success. You can trust us to provide unmatched services that will give you a much-needed edge in the market to foster more prosperity for you. Get in touch and get industry-leading e-Manifest filling services.

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