If you are a frequent traveller or a person that loves to travel to international destinations for vacation or business or are a commercial truck driver hauling goods from Canada or Mexico, you may need to enrol in one of the CBP Trusted Traveler Program. The Trusted Traveler Programs are programs of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) intended to ease your movement through ports of entry or at the airport.

The programs improve security by providing modified screening for pre-approved members which facilitates legitimate travel and trade. The five programs are TSA Pre®, Global Entry, NEXUS, SENTRI, and FAST.

Use your CBP Login & Apply

To apply for FAST, SENTRI, NEXUS, or Global Entry you will need to go to Login.gov where you will create an account.  Login.gov is an authentication portal that is used by US government agencies to allow the public access to federal government services, and personal information.


How to Register a New Account

You can use your CBP Login to apply for a login.gov account. Here is the procedure:

As a CBP registered user select” log in” on the upper right hand of the screen

Click on “Consent & Continue”

Click “Create an Account”

Now type in your email address which you are now going to be using as your username

Check your email for confirmation and further instructions. The following steps regarding account creation process can be found here. Once you are done with creating an account you should see this page:

Click on “Continue” which will redirect to the Trusted Travel Programs website and a page that looks like

Key in your information on the page and on the section asking if you have ever applied for SENTRI, NEXUS, or Global Entry.  Clicking on “Yes” The page looks like this

If you have ever applied to FAST, SENTRI, NEXUS or Global Entry, you will be required to provide your PASSID when you are setting up your login.gov profile. The PASSID is the membership number that you can find on previous notification letters or your Trusted Traveler Program (TTP) card.

Global Entry

Global Entry is a Customs & Border Protection (CBP) program that expedites clearance of low risk preapproved travelers through US airports and ports of entry. US citizens, select foreign nationals and lawful permanent residents are eligible for the program.

As a member of Global Entry, you will present your machine-readable passport or resident card to Global Entry kiosks, get your fingerprints scanned and verified, and complete a customs declaration. The kiosk will then issue a transaction receipt and clear you into the USA.

Benefits of Global Entry

  1. Provides TSA Pre® eligibility
  2. You save time as there are no paperwork or processing lines at the airport
  3. You get expedited entry into many other countries apart from the US
  4. It is available at most major US airports


NEXUS allows pre-approved travelers expedited processing at ports of entry or airports into the US or Canada. Eligible persons include US citizens Canadian citizens, Mexican nationals, US lawful permanent residents, and Canadian permanent residents. With NEXUS membership, you will have access to dedicated processing lanes at select American points of entry on the border with Canada. You also get access to Global Entry kiosks when entering the US, and NEXUS kiosks when entering Canada. Marine ports also provide expedited processing for NEXUS members.

Benefits of NEXUS

  1. You get reduced wait times when entering the US and Canada, as you use dedicated processing lanes.
  2. Use NEXUS kiosks to enter Canada and Global Entry kiosks to get into the US.

Secure Electronic Network for Travelers Rapid Inspection (SENTRI)

SENTRI is a CBP program that grants low risk preapproved travelers expedited passage through US airports and ports of entry. Eligible persons include US citizens, permanent residents, and all foreign nationals. All travelers who intend to get into the program have to attend an in-person interview and a rigorous background check. After approval, members can use dedicated lanes when entering the US through the Southern land points of entry.

Benefits of SENTRI

  1. You get expedited wait times at selected points of entry as you use dedicated processing lanes.
  2. NEXUS lanes when getting into the US from Canada and Global Entry Kiosks when arriving into the US by air for expedited entry.

Free and Secure Trade (FAST) for Commercial Vehicles

FAST is a program of the CBP that is exclusive to truck drivers and commercial carriers from Mexico, Canada, and the United States. Eligible carriers and drivers need to be US citizens, Canadian citizens, Mexican citizens, lawful US permanent residents, and Canadian permanent residents. The truck drivers and carriers need to have undergone background checks and have met certain eligibility criteria. It provides expedited clearance for low-risk shipments into the US from Mexico and Canada.

As members of FAST, truck drivers get to use dedicated lanes in overland border points along the US Northern & Southern borders. The CBP will conduct background checks and routine site visits of pre-approved carriers to ensure compliance with supply chain security measures. As a commercial highway carrier one needs to show continuing compliance with security measures of the Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT) program, in every link of the supply chain.


FAST members get to use dedicated lanes to expedite clearance at border points into the US

What Is TSA Pre✓®?

The TSA Pre®  is a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) program that allows for expedited processing of low-risk travelers at 200 airports across the United States. Travelers that are foreign citizens will need to meet certain eligibility requirements to be approved for the program. The process will typically involve in-person background checks and the process begins with an online application. As a member of TSA Pre®, you will have expedited clearance since you will not be subjected to checks such as having to remove lightweight jackets, shoes, and belts, or having light carry-on luggage inspected at points of entry.

Once approved into the program, the traveler is issued with a Known Traveler Number (KTN) that is valid for five years. With a KTN, you get access to TSA preapproved processing lanes which have little to no wait times.

Required Supporting Documents for TSA Pre✓®

If you have already registered for FAST, SENTRI, NEXUS, or Global Entry, you will have to provide some documents while applying for TSA Pre®. The documents required for the application and interview process will depend on the program you are registered in and your citizenship. Some documents you may be required to have include:

  1. Proof of citizenship
  2. Permanent Resident Card (if you are a legal permanent resident of the US)
  3. Passport (If you are registered for Global Entry)
  4. Proof that you have the approval to enter the US
  5. Valid driver’s license
  6. Proof of address

You will also need to provide:

  1. An email address
  2. Documentation showing proof of any citizenship(s) held
  3. Address history going back five years
  4. Vehicle particulars (if you will be driving up north from Mexico into the US)
  5. Employment history going back five years
  6. Court documents (for persons that have ever been convicted of anything other than traffic offenses)
  7. International travel history going back five years
  8. Phone number(s)

Where to Find your Known Traveler Number (KTN)

If you are already registered for TSA Pre®  you can find your KTN here

For SENTRI, NEXUS, and Global Entry members you can find the PASSID or membership number by logging into your account or on the top left corner of your Trusted Traveler card. On your account, the PASSID or membership number is at the top of the Dashboard page.

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