Who is Currently Participating?

Participation in the CBP Section 321 Data Pilot is currently limited to 9 participants.  These nine participants were selected and approved by CBP to allow for a variety of industry participation (online marketplaces, carriers, freight forwarders and fulfillment centers.)

The section 321 data pilot is a voluntary program that will lead to the strengthening of eCommerce supply chains.  It will enhance CBP trade enforcement while at the same time speeding up the facilitation and release times of eCommerce shipments that transportation providers have grown to rely on.

CBP would like to expand participation in the section 321 data pilot this spring.  Interested companies can contact Customs City Global Solutions at info@customscity.com

Which Data Do I Need to Submit to CBP in the Section 321 Data Pilot?

Can be Sent by all Participants

  • Originator Code of Participant (assigned by CBP))*
  • Participant Filer Type*
  • Mode of Transportation*
  • Shipment Tracking Number **
  • House Bill Number **
  • Master Bill Number **
  • HTS Number
  • Retail Price on Export Country
  • Shipper Name
  • Shipper Address
    Shipper Phone Number
  • Shipper Email Address
  • Shipper Initiator Phone Number
  • Consignee Name
  • Consignee Address
  • Consignee Phone Number
  • Consignee Email Address
  • Marketplace Name
  • Buyer Account Number
  • Buyer Address
  • Seller Phone Number
  • Buyer Phone Number
  • Marketplace Website
  • Buyer Name
  • Buyer Confirmation Number
  • Buyer Email address
  • Carrier Name
  • Known Carrier Customer
  • Merchandise/Product Weight
  • Merchandise/Product Quantity
  • Listed Price on Marketplace


** At least one instance required

Can be Sent by Carriers

  • Shipment Initiator Name and Address
  • Final Delivery to Party Name and Address
  • Enhanced Product Description
  • Shipment Security Scan
  • Known Carrier Customer Flag

Can be Sent by Online Marketplaces

  • Seller Name and Address
  • Final Delivery to Party Name and Address
  • Known Marketplace Seller Flag
  • Marketplace Seller Account Number/Seller ID
  • Buyer Name and Address
  • Product Picture
  • Listed Price on Marketplace

Which Modes of Transport can Submit Section 321 Data?

Parties participating in the pilot can submit the section 321 data pilot data for the following modes of transport:

  • Air
  • Truck
  • Rail
  • Ocean
  • International Mail

What are the Benefits of Sending this Extra Section 321 Data?

CBP may expedite the clearance of section 321 shipments when this additional data is submitted before the arrival of the conveyance.  For example, a truck carrying a large number of section 321 shipments may be subject to inspections at the border which can take hours due to needing to locate the packages on the truck requiring inspection.  If an inspection is not required because of submitting this additional section 321 data, the carrier can save hours at the border which can lead to large savings of paying drivers for the idle time at the border.

How Can I Send the Section 321 Data Pilot Data to CBP?

Customs City Global Solutions Inc. has a JSON API that interested parties can use to send the data to CBP.  A summary of submitted files and associated response from CBP can be viewed on a dashboard for quick reference.  Users can set up email alerts to receive notifications of CBP acceptances or rejections in their email inbox.

How Can I Get Started?

Interested participants can sign up online.  Customs City Global Solutions has a variety of monthly plans for large or small shipment volumes.  For more information email info@customscity.com

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