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Customs City Global Solutions Platform

The Customs City Global Customs Platform allows international trade participants to connect with Customs & Border Protection & Canada Border Services Agency. Having a single platform gives trade chain participants greater efficiencies and a higher level of Customs Compliance.
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eCommerce Clearance Service


ACE Air eManifest / ACAS


CBP In-Bond System


Section 321 Data Pilot


Type 86


ACE Ocean eManifest/PTT/In-bond


CBP Freight Status Notification System


ISF - Importer Security Filing


ACE/ ACI Truck eManifest


RNS - Release Notification System


Customs Compliance Consulting


Single Window Consulting

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FDA PN (Prior Notice)

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About Us

Customs City Global Solutions was established out of a combined experience of more than 30 years of helping companies comply with Customs Compliance. We believe that by adopting modern technologies and combining them with the knowledge of Customs & Trade we can deliver the optimal solutions for our customers.

Customs City Mission Statement

Our team’s passion for Customs Compliance powers our Global Customs Platform. Crossing the border can be seamless and efficient giving our customers added productivity, cost-savings, and the highest level of Customs Compliance.

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