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Easily upload a large volume of eCommerce shipments
Map your Excel or CSV on the fly using our Easy Mapper tool
Upload AMS Air and Type 86 data in one file
Dashboard view of bill matches, Bill Departed, Bill Arrived, Released &
One USG messages

6 Reasons to Clear your Section 321 eCommerce Shipments using AMS Ocean & Type 86


High Volume Processing

Easily upload & submit shipment consolidations of over 100K packages. Manage the volumes needed for today's D2C (direct to consumer) eCommerce businesses.


Easily Disclaim

Automatically disclaim PGA-regulated goods. Examples of PGA flags are: FD1, AM7, EP1, EP7, AQ1


AMS Ocean eManifest, ISF & Type 86

Type 86 can be submitted electronically at any time and accepted almost immediately (usually within seconds for lower volumes and around 20min for higher volumes such as 50K shipments).


Significant Cost Savings

There are no duties, taxes, or fees payable for Type 86 entries. MPF is not charged if released at a CFS warehouse. Also, no setup or maintenance fees.



AMS Ocean, ISF-10, & Type 86 data elements can be uploaded in one file


AMS Ocean Software Vendor

CBP allows having different software vendors, which means Customs City can be your second vendor dedicated to your Section 321 eCommerce Ocean shipments

Easy to Customize

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